First Choice Autos live by their name…have a look at Google Reviews !

You’ve probably heard how cars are cheaper and have better specifications in the UK resulting in vast numbers of imports coming into Ireland.

But isn’t it a lot of hassle? How do you go about finding the car? Do you have to go over to inspect it and to complete the sale? Then there’s the VRT and the paperwork when you get the car ‘home’. And then what if something goes wrong with the car – how do you get it back to the dealer you bought it from? That’s if you even buy it from a dealer.

That’s where First Choice Autos come in, we do exactly as our name suggests. In the box below you let us know what sort of car you’re looking for and we’ll find it for you, import it, sort out the VRT and deliver it to your door with its Irish registration plates. Your new car will even come with a full warranty so you can buy with confidence and peace of mind.

Our preference is to meet and discuss your requirements and explain the process involved